The War Machine

Dimensions: 88" H x 30" W x 24" D

The War Machine is a 7 foot tall "machine" that expresses my dislike, distrust, and fear of the real thing that gobbles up $4billion of our tax money each and every day and brings death and destruction to so many throughout our planet.

The "real" Uncle Sam with the cool shoes sits at the bottom with a sickening grin. He holds a personal pocket-rocket in his right hand - muggers beware. Lights flash, the flag waves, discs spin, music plays, voices praise its "gateway to the stone age power", a secret rocket code-named Phi Beta lurches back and forth, and gauges that measure profit and death move in predictable directions. The box with all the switches is classified and known as Pandora and Pandora hides the TG-109, "third-world buster rifle that waits to show peasants that land reform is not in their best interests. And last, but not least, a typed toilet paper roll list of all of the U.S. military's interventions since 1898. It rolls out for more than 9 feet.

I made the War Machine to get your attention - we are losing our country to greed, militarism, and corporate control. Help me spread the word. If you live near Eastern Connecticut come see the War Machine. Bring your friends, students, neighbors, teachers, crazy aunts and uncles, anyone who will listen. Please share this website address with others. I welcome suggestions, comments, criticism, and a conversation. Please contact me at randymcmahon3@gmail.com


Randy McMahon

Randy McMahon 2013