Star Games

I made this piece when the first George Bush wasscrewing up Ameica with "Star Wars" technology.It's still relevant as U.S. "leaders" seem to have ahard time staying away from this nonsense.


National Missile Defense, commonly known as Star Wars, is a multi-billion dollar adventure with a simple goal: control and protection of American interests. "Nationl Defense" is merely the slick PR the Pentagon is using to sell their snake oil. Don't be fooled.

This hideously expensive project doesn't work. The test "success" stories were later found to be rigged with electronic homing devices. NMD is the Pentagon and defense contractors way of getting their foot (or Trojan Horse) in the door so they can eventually sell us weapons in space.

The creation of this "protective" system will make the planet a more dangerous place. Star Wars has required the scrapping of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, an internationally popular and effective agreement to not do what we are doing. Most of the world strongly opposes our behavior knowing that NMD will lead to an arms race.

Scientists, critical of NMD, have beenharassed, threatened and investigated for their whistle-blowing. Nira Schwartz, a scientist at defensecontractor TRW, has accused the Pentagon and TRW of rigging the tests. Ted Postol, a scientist at MIT, has made similar claims.

Our government continues to shovel huge amounts of our money to the corporations who will work on a system that will make our lives riskier and poorer. And it doesn't work.

Randy McMahon 2013