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I made this website because I believe that we are not being told the truth in the mainstream media, and I think we really need to know what is going on. A democracy requires an informed populace. Our planet gets hotter and hotter, our weather more and more dangerous, we start new wars on a regular basis that do nothing but make lots of enemies, and our economy teeters on the edge. Time for change?

We are living in horribly unequal times. A tiny minority has most of the cash and it’s only getting worse.  Please read and watch these resources and share them with anyone who will listen. If you have any suggestions please send them to me at randymcmahon@protonmail.com

Thank you,

Randy McMahon        

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Article of the Week - Hey, I am off my lazy butt and adding to this site. Please feel free to offer ideas and articles  -  check and see what the Empire is up to.

My Art - Outsider and political. 

What you can do - Want to work for peace and justice?

Hall of Shame - A collection of interesting and maybe startling  facts about America.


                Progressive News Resources                                                                            

The Intercept - Excellent site with Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and others. Blog: Unofficial Sources. 

Commondreams -  Daily news, analysis, e-mail newsletter, and many links to progressive resources.

Antiwar.com - Libertarian. Excellent source for global peace news. Draws from many sources.

Electronic Intifada - An excellent site dedicated to justice for the Palestinian people.

FAIR - Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting .

BDS Movement  - Boycott, Divest, Sanction. A non-violent reaction to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Aljazeera - World news from the Middle East. Excellent source of news.

Daily Beast - World and national news and comment

Counterpunch - Well-written analysis of political matters. One of the best sites.

Truthout - News and essays on war and politics.

Dahr Jamail's Dispatches - A look at political topics by award-winning independent journalist Dahr Jamail.

The Independent - Daily newspaper from the U.K. Compare to U.S. papers.

The Guardian - Excellent source of news. The Guardian is not afraid to challenge the NSA and US govt.

Comedy Central - We need to laugh while we save the world.

The Onion - More laughter. Now get back to work.

Information Clearing House - Excellent site. Facts, statistics and resources on important issues.

Pacifica Radio - Listener-sponsored, free-speech radio.

Democracy Now ! - A daily radio and television news program. See what free-speech media looks like.

Third World Traveler - Huge collection of essays, links, audio and video clips, book excerpts and more.

National Security Archive - Excellent collection of de-classified documents. Lots of interesting material.

Firedoglake - Popular political blog.

The Real News - Member-supported television news on the internet.

TomDispatch.com - News and essays on things that matter.

Adbusters - A  network of culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows. 

Amnesty International - Website of the international justice organization.

Tom Paine - Common Sense - Progressive insight and analysis.

Wikileaks - Non-profit media organization that exposes the truth. Powerful.

Truthdig - Drilling beneath the headlines. Read award-winning journalist Chris Hedges here.

This Can't Be Happening - A well-written collection of political essays by progressive thinkers.

War Resisters League -  WHERE YOUR INCOME TAX MONEY REALLY GOES pie chart.

Dandelion Salad - News from everywhere, videos, editorials, photography, E-mail newsletter. Excellent site.

Popular Resistance - Resist, create, educate, organize and strategize. News, resisting and organizing.

Black Agenda Report - News, commentary and analysis from the black left. Excellent site, hard-hitting.

Mapping Police Violence - A detailed look at police violence in America.

Moyers and Company - News and analysis with Bill Moyers and guests.

WHO.WHAT.WHY - “We don’t cover the news. We uncover the truth.” A revealing site.

World Socialist Web Site - Read articles never found in the mainstream press.

France 24 -  Discover the openness of some of the international alternatives.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - The people who brought us The Panama Papers.

Yes ! - Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions.

Crooks and Liars - Read what’s happening in our crazy world.

ProPublica - A well - organized political website.


                       Climate Change 

Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club -  An environmental group with a long history

FANG -  Fighting Against Natural Gas. A non-violent direct-action group.

CELDF Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. LOTS of links and resources.

Greenpeace - A long-standing activist group

350.org- A very useful site with lots of resources.

FracTracker Alliance - Lots of articles and maps on fracking.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - LOTS of info.

Clive Hamilton - Interesting articles, papers, videos and opinion.

Nasa-funded study: Collapse? - The Guardian. Scarey.

100 Top Climate Change Sites - Lots and lots of climate change resources.

Union of Concerned Scientists - How serious is global warming?  Revealing.

8 ways to support protests without going into the streets -  Different cause, similar tactics.

Planet or Profit An excellent collection of articles on climate change. VERY revealing.

The People’s Test on Climate 2015 - Excellent document - the people act NOW!!

Inside Climate News - Award-winning journal of climate news.

Extinction Rebellion - Direct action group that started in the UK and spreading quickly. Effective.

Sunrise Movement - A huge movement of young people dedicted to save our planet.

U.N. IPCC Special Report - Also scary.

Zero Hour -  Getting to the roots of climate change. A youth movement.

World Resources Institute - The Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas for the understanding of water scarcity.

Climab le.org -  Climate science and clean energy understandable for everyone.

The five corrupt pillars of climate change denial.

15,372 Scientists Just Signed a Letter Calling Climate Change Catastrophic.


                     Extinction Rebellion Membership


Fall Schedule

Principles and values

Get involved

Start a local group

The Deliberate Rebellion (video)

Salt Lake Disrupts Pioneer Day Parade (video)

The emergency



                           Extinction Rebelliion Videos

Why XR demands a citizen assembly 29:34

A message from XR youth 1:30

The climate crisis is a health crisis 2:02

Use natural climate solutions to protect nature (Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot) 3:39

We are all made of fire. 3:44

XR cofounder on why truth-teller life is important 4:08

The kids behind Extinction Rebellion 3:16

Calling all performers: The stage is yours !! 1:03

George Monbiot: We need to create the biggest movement . . .  1:00

Does protest work? 14:37

If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Global climate strike India. 2:12

In-depth look at the founders of Extinction Rebellion. 10:22

Kurikindi, Amazon Shaman at Woman 2019. 15:37

Getting real about the climate apocalypse. 1:14:57

XR meet with the BBC. 4:40

The sea is rising and so are WE. 2:09

Something drastic has to happen. 24:37

Act now. 2:03

If we don’t protect nature we can’t protect ourselves. Harrison Ford. 5:34

Die-in outside Senator Feinstein’s office. 2019 25:29

XR Vermont 13:04

Cornwall action against fast fashion. 2:19

Summer uprising 6:56

UK summer uprising 4:33

The uncertain situation we are in. 1:28:19

Climate die-in at UK shopping village 6:02

Boat drops anchor outside of Royal Courts of Justice 4:46

Billy Bragg performs at Bristol Summer uprising. 4:40

Summer uprising - time to rebel. 7:22

XR Rebellion goes to BIG oil 5:12

Extinction Cafe. This is very cool. A place to share and learn. 3:32

Dr. Gail Bradbrook. 15:28

How can we practice regenerative action? Buddhist. 43:05

Introduction to XR internationalist solidarity. 59:31

Leading in a climate changed world - Dr. Gail Bradbrook. 41:19

Cog X London - Dr. Gail Bradbrook. 12:09

Thank you so much for what you’re up to . . . - 350.org’s Bill McKibben. 1:04

Are we the last generation? 4:25

Waterloo uprising. 4:36

Together we can make a difference. - Greta Thunberg. 3:02

Phil Kingston, 82, addresses Extinction Rebellion 3:03

What these protesters are saying is think about tomorrow. 4:09

Rewilding Britain’s Rebecca Wrigley: “We want to stand with you.” .39

Act as if the truth is real. 21:13

Spring is coming.5:13

Non-violent direct action.

Emma Thompson: “It is time to stand up and save our home.” 1;00

This is what climate activists go through with know-it-all media people. 8:00

Why public disruption is neccessary. 17 min.

Bring your tents, bring your families, bring your friends. April, 2019. 1:20

Yanai’s story. Blood of our children. 3 min.

“the future of the human race is now at stake. 1 min.

Mesadorm - Spring uprising. 1:58

Elsie Luna, a child’s plea. 2:00

Elsie Luna, a child’s plea. 2:00

Blood of our children. 2:08

“Hi, my name is Asha and I’m 12 years old. 5:14

5 bridges, 6,000 people, 80 arrests. 5:28

Climate Change Videos

Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything 

Series of FAQ Videos from Greenpeace

Greenpeace investigates Arctic climate change  4:00

Global warming - Climate change is simple. Quite scary. Watch this one. 15:02

The End of Suburbia - Excellent documentary on peak oil. 51:43

Escape From Suburbia - Beyond the American Dream. 94:41

Guy McPherson: Climate Change and Human Extinction. Scarey.  1:00.00

Anjali Appadurai, a young and passionate climate activist says it better than anyone.

The Travails of Empire: Lawrence Wilkerson. A must-see video. 1:25:11

19 climate scientists have scary news - 52 page paper.

Transition Towns - A Tool for peak oil and climate change

Rob Hopkins  - Transition to a world without oil. Ted Talks. Excellent and clear. 16:36

Rob Hopkins - Ted Talk. My town in transition. What do we all need to do? 18:17

Transition videos - Many videos on Transition.

In Transition 1.0 - A detailed film of the transition movement. Positive. 49:42

In Transition 2.0 - A continuation of 1.0. 1:06:47

Transition Towns - An interview with movement founder, Rob Hopkins. 52:40

Rob Hopkins - Transition to a world without oil. Ted Talks. 16:30

Transition Town Totnes Wins Green Award - Groups of neighbors go low carbon. 5:23

Transition Towns - Part 1 - An introductory look at this growing movement. 10:37

Transition Town - Open space. The process of transition town planning. 3:34

Kinsale 2021:  An Energy Descent Action Plan - Transition thinking in action. pdf

What is a transition initiative?  -  Explained by the founder of Transition Towns.

Transition Culture - An exploration into the head, hands and heart of energy descent.

                   Resistance !!!

Windham Area Progressive Action -  Facebook page for resistance to Trump in northeast Connecticut.

The Advocate - Welcome to the resistance through the eyes of the LGBT community.

Mijente - Sanctuary for all !! An excellent site for community activists.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network -  Resources for communities to stop deportations.

National Immigration Project - Resources for lawyers and advancing the rights of immigrants.

Sanctuary Movement - Raids Rapid Response: Toolkit for Faith Allies. Contains The Rapid Response Toolkit

The Movement for Black Lives - A powerful, bottom-up movement for Black Americans.

Peoples Movement Assembly - Excellent site. Democratic Party-free. Download the full manual.

The Peoples Movement Assembly Organizing Kit - Similar to the one above this. 

From Dictatorship to Democracy -  Download book by Gene Sharp, the master of nonviolent activism.

Poor People’s Campaign - A national call for moral revival. 

The Leap -  Building a world based on caring for the earth and one another.

The Leap Manifesto A bottom-up project in Canada to recapture democracy and a clean, loving planet.

More on the Leap - Read what’s happening with the Leap.

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

Indivisible Home Page

Extinction Rebellion - Direct action group that started in the UK and spreading quickly. Effective.

       Securing the Internet From Prying Eyes and Ears

Reset the Net - Help to slow down or stop the invasion of our privacy. Useful and interesting site.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Another excellent site for the protection of our privacy.

Signal. Encryption for iPhones - The NSA continues with their illegal hackery and listening.

Freedom of the Press Foundation - Non-prfit dedicated to defending public-interest journalism.

                         Black Lives and Police Abuse

Citizens Police Data Project - Chicago police misconduct exposed to the public. Stunning.

 Invisible Institute - A grass-roots project in South Chicago working to hold public institutions accountable.

 Black Lives Matter - An effective group that is  exposing state violence and racism.

Black and Brown People Vote - A civic empowerment initiative aimed at increasing voter turnout.

Black Agenda Report - News, commentary and analysis from the black left. Excellent site, hard-hitting.

The Guardian: U.S. policing, the counted - A site dedicated to reporting the extent of police violence.

Mapping Police Violence - LOTS of clearly-organized information on police violence.

The Counted - People Killed by the Police in the U.S. - Chilling.

The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data Post - Very interesting and useful site. LOTS of facts.

                             Seeking the Truth

Conspiracy ? - Anonymous Reveals - What America Does Not Want You to Know.

Recent ISIS Attacks Exposed - The “war on terror" is not about what we have been told.

                              Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the Press Foundation - Non-prfit dedicated to defending public-interest journalism.

Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) - Well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship.

Extra ! - FAIR’s hard-hitting newsletter.

               A Little History:The Occupy Movement

Adbusters - The Canadian magazine that was instrumental in starting the Occupation of Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street - The dedicated group that has gotten this off the ground and kept it afloat.

Occupy Together - An unofficial hub for all the events springing up across America.

Facebook Occupy Hartford - Information and contacts for the actions in Hartford, Ct.

The Indypendent - The newspaper of the NYC Independent Media Center.

Occupy Sandy Recovery - Website to help victims of Hurricane Sandy who still need help.

Occupy Willimantic - Resurrected and current. An alternative activist site for Willimantic, Connecticut.

I Am Not Moving - All about hypocrisy in America and the Occupation of Wall Street. 07:12

1 Marine vs 30 Cops - Shamar Thomas goes toe to toe with the New York Police Dept.  5:32

The Global Change - Indignados con causa - A very inspiring video, will give you chills. 4:32

Police pepper-spraying and arresting students at UC Davis.  8:34

Hundreds of thousands sing Ode to Joy at Occupy Madrid.  4:00

Joe Rogan on Occupy Wall Street - A documentary on why Wall Street.  9:03

Occupy Wall Street - The story behind seven months of protest.  4:42

Occupy the land - Occupiers seize 5 acre urban farm. ( day 1)  5:12

Occupy the land - Occupiers seize 5 acre urban farm. (day 2)  2:40

Occupy Sandy - The wave of the future? Hope so. 3:28

Gene Sharp - How to start a revolution. This man is truly amazing. 3:59

"Start a Revolution" : A Song For My American Friends. 4:32

The Power and Potential of Nonviolent Struggle by Gene Sharp  58:24

Plutocracy - A powerful and unique film about class in America. 1:49:24

Chris Hedges - Days of Revolt: The Revolution Will be Local - A powerful video about BIG change. 25:54


                                Our Endless Wars

Glenn Greenwald - Speech on secrecy and war.  1:04

Chelsea Manning  Video of American helicopter killing innocents in Iraq.

Glenn Greenwald - Democracy Now! On the whitewashing of torture. 70:07

Building 3, what happened? - Video by Colorado Public Television on 9/11. Press FLASH.  1:29:05

Child casualties as a result of U.S. drone strikes Very powerful statement. 1:31

Petraeus linked to death-squads/torture in Iraq -Testimony from special forces vet. 5:25

Bradley Manning speaks in court about the "collateral murder" helicopter video in Iraq. 5:08

Rethink Afghanistan - Excellent 6 part documentary on Afghanistan. 

Rethink Afghanistan - Dozens more excellent documentaries on Afghanistan.

The Guardian - Pentagon's link to Iraqi torture centers. 51:08

The Corbett Report: Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Very interesting. 50:35

Noam Chomsky - U.S., a top terrorist state. 26:13 

Saul Landau - No legal or moral justification for U.S. drone killings. 24:49

David Lindorff - Obama's War Crimes - An Interview with David Lindorff. 29:24

Jeremy Scahill investigates the disastrous American War in Yemen. 25:01

Jeremy Scahill - Analysis and footage of the Brennan hearings. Shocking.

Jody Williams - PeaceJam. Banning landmines. A truly heroic woman. 1:02

Jody Williams - Ted Talk. A realistic vision for world peace. 10:52

Jody Williams -  Killer robots. Speakers urge ban on modern warfare’s next frontier. 53:19

What religious leaders want to tell Obama on Easter. 4:51

Jeremy Scahill: Dirty Wars. This is what REAL journalism looks like. 26:34

War on Whistleblowers -  The war against people who courageously spoke up.

Drones - Living Under Drones - Brave New Foundation video. 6:59

Drones - Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars - What are the “drone wars” all about ? 1:00:22

Drones - Wounds of Waziristan - What’s it like for the villager in the many countries we bomb? 26:06

                                Palestine and Israel

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh -  Hope & Human Rights in Israeli Palestinian conflict. 1:57:52

Electronic Intifada - An excellent site dedicated to justice for the Palestinian people.

BDS Movement - Boycott, Divest, Sanction. A non-violent reaction to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Informed Comment - Analysis of the Middle East by Professor Juan Cole of the Univ. of Michigan. 

Edward Said - The Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia Univ., excellent resource

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights -  Non-profit dedicated to the protection of Palestinian human rights.

                         Iceland: The quiet revolution

The financial crash in Iceland in 6 minutes according to ABC´s 20/20. 6:10

Iceland Saves Economy, Jails Bankers   12:33

How to start a revolution: Learn from Iceland!  9:51

Iceland President: Let Banks Go Bankrupt. 5:49

Iceland's Peaceful Revolution Censored Interview with Steinar Bjornsson 11:18

How Iceland defeated the Anglo-American Bankster Mafia 27:52

                                  Food Activism

The Monsanto Protection Act: Obama Immunes the Production and Sale of GMOs? 25:00

Democracy Now! - The Monsanto Protection Act. 45:38

CBS News - Figuring out what's in your food. Not bad for corporate tv. 3:34

Oh No GMO! - Monsanto makes rats grow tumors; are humans next?

What is Genetically Modified Food?

Food Justice Videos - Several to watch. Most on food deserts in America.

Food Justice From the Ground Up - A whole page of excellent grass-roots videos.

Oxfam - Fixing our broken food system.

6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre - Urban Farm - Urban Homestead - Growing. 

Polyface Farm -  A fascinating alternative to corporate farming. Discussed in Omnivore’s Dilemma.


                     The End of Capitalism and the American Empire?

40 minute crash course on the economy (1 of 3) - Simple and informative. 12:55

40 minute crash course on the economy (2 of 3) -  13:18

40 minute crash course on the economy (3 of 3) 13:00

Why the economic crisis deepens - Richard Wolff at the New School. 02:02

Economic Update - Richard Wolff, WBAI, April 21, 2012, Audio

Richard Wolff - Occupying our future: Solutions to capitalist crisis. 01:34:25

Richard Wolff - Capitalism in U.S. runs dry - Real Television interview. 12:27

Chris Hedges - Brace yourself, the American Empire is over and the descent is going to be horrifying. 02:54

Chris Hedges The Absurdity of American Empire. Laura Flanders on "sacrifice zones". Excellent. 18:37

Matt Taibbi - On the explosive resignation of Goldman-Sachs executive Greg Smith. 34:16

Naomi Klein Disaster capitalism and shock doctrine.  8:35

Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.  1:33:38

Naomi Klein The dangers of our high risk, reckless ways. Ted Talk. 19:50

Howard Zinn - A Peoples History of American Empire. 8:35

Glenn Greenwald - Washington Journal. Heading toward economic catastrophe. 10:31

Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland - The 1% and inequality in America. 49:12

Matt Taibbi and Bill Moyers - Big Banks Lack of Accountability. 15:21

Matt Taibbi The Colbert Report. HSBC laundering charges.

Matt Taibbi - What has America reaped from the bailout? 11:01

Let the banks fail - The president of Iceland explains his unusual tactic. 2:58

Joseph Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality. Democracy Now!

Joseph Stiglitz: Part 3: Joseph Stiglitz on Ways to Lessen Inequality in the United States.

John Pilger - The new rulers of the world. 53:12

Dr. Paul Craig RobertsAmerica is Going to Crash Big Time. 25:22

Linda Bilmes  "The $10 Trillion Hangover: Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush" 59:05

Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers -TPP trade deal threatens sovereignty, public ownership.10:36

Global Financial Crisis explained in 96 seconds.Simply stated. 1:36

Chris Hedges on Capitalism’s Sacrifice Zones - Interview with Moyers and Company. 51:31

Chris Hedges - Wages of Rebellion - Part 1 - Excellent talk about what we are up against. 58:00

Chris Hedges - Wages of Rebellion - Part 2 - A continuation of the above talk. 57:56

Bill Moyers: The Journal - The growing anger at big banks. 53:39

Koch Brothers Exposed - Almost all of America is for sale. 55:56

       The Dismantling of American Democracy and Freedom

Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky - On degrading the rule of law. 1:09:50

The Story of Citizens United vs FEC (2011) - The power of the corporations.  8:51

Lifting the Veil - The Democratic Party and the corporations. Eye-opening. 1:53:36

Chris Hedges - What the American media will not tell you.  5:36

Chris Hedges - Obama is a disaster.  1:03

Chris Hedges - How America has devolved into a third world country. 28:31

Chris Hedges - Chris Hedges warns of an authoritarian takeover. Scary. 43:54

Chris Hedges - A talk at the MICA on the perils that 99% of us face in the U.S. 1:17:59

Matt Taibbi - SEC shredded thousands of investigations. 59:05

George Carlin - Who really controls America? Very powerful. 2:59

Oliver Stone - Obama a wolf in sheep's clothing. 14:48

Sibel Edmonds - Fired for revealing the truth. Former FBI employee spills. SHOCKING. 13:51

Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! - The drones are coming home and it's scary. 4:29

John Taylor Gatto - N.Y. State Teacher of the Year. State controlled consciousness.  8:55

George Carlin - On freedom and civil liberties. 4:10

Glenn Greenwald at the ACLU of Oregon - The importance of our civil liberties.  27:44

Julian Assange - Wikileaks founder slams drones, targeted killings.

Jeremy Scahill - Takes Down MSNBC Panel On Obama Foreign Policy.

Jeremy Scahill: Assassinations of US Citizens Ignored at Brennan CIA Hearing. 35:50

Michael Ratner: Bradley Manning trial. Democracy Now! 58:56

WikiLeaks' Attorney, Michael Ratner on Government Prosecution of Truthtellers. 3:32

Michael Ratner on Bradley Manning's courtroom statement. 16:42

War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing. ACLU. Important.

                      Progressive Voices  (click on name)

Chris Hedges

Noam Chomsky

Naomi Klein

Seymour Hersh

Jeremy Scahill

Glenn Greenwald

Howard Zinn

Robert Fisk

Julian Assange

Glen Ford

Ralph Nader

Laura Poitras

Matt Taibbi

Amy Goodman

John Taylor Gatto

William Blum

Dahr Jamail

Gene Sharp

John Pilger

Kimberle’ Williams Crenshaw

Michael Parenti

Edward Said

Gregg Palast

Mark Weisbrot

Arundhati Roy

Jeffrey St. Clair

Edward S. Herman

Rob Hopkins

Paul Craig Roberts

Amy Goodman

Michael Ratner

Ray McGovern

Patrick Cockburn

Dean Baker

Edward Snowden

William Binney




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